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Love is an action,

Put into motion.

Its’ learning how,

To be patient and wait.

It’s being kind all the time.

It’s not envious,

Of the things that you do,

Nor boastful of the things that I do.

It’s being humble,

When all you want is to be proud.

Love is seeking others,

Not being rude.

It’s about staying calm,

When a problem comes along,

It’s not about who did wrong,

In our relationship,

But how we rejoice,

In the truth of what is right,

Being protected and guided,

Preserving through each day.

Though sometimes we forget,

Love has nothing to do with,

The way we feel inside.

Love never fails,

When we have Christ,

Guiding us through.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

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