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Choose to walk

A few weeks ago, during my time with the Lord, He kept on whispering to me. The word was “walk.” I wrote it and a few other words that He gave me in my journal. They were “walk in Him,” “close to me,” and “walk with me.” I didn’t quite understand what the Lord was trying to tell me.

Then about two weeks after that, I went through a frustrating time with different things in my life. I went from what seemed to be a real high to a real low. I spent less time in the Bible. I spent more time playing games. I did a quick prayer and chose not to spend time just being still to hear the voice of the Lord.

There were times when I would cry out to God but then turn around and worry or complain about what was going on. I didn’t take time to “sit” with Him and hear what He wanted to tell me to help me through the difficult time.

Then the other day, I heard a sermon about light and how we need to be walking in the light. I was in the darkness walking in it and maybe even soaking in it a little bit. It wasn’t until that sermon that I realized I had chosen to stop walking with Christ and to walk in my problem. When we decided to walk in the trial, hurt and anger of what is being (or been) done to us,

becomes our focus.

Jesus Christ wants us to put our focus on Him and not on our hurts and troubles. He even told us that we would have troubles in this world but that He has overcome the world. (John 16:33) We need to choose to walk with Christ just like He chooses to walk with us.

Just look at the Choices God made for us. First, He chose to make us; (Genesis 1:26-27, 2:7). He chose to send His only begotten Son to us. He chose to let Him die for us. He chose us. (John 3:16)

And because of this, I need to choose to walk with Him and in Him. I need to choose a relationship where I turn to Jesus during the good times and when there is doubt and trouble; when I am hurting and being hurt by those around me when I choose to stop and cry out to Jesus and listen to his voice and not the voice of the evil one or even those around me.

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