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It was 1976 when Richard Warren Swain left his wife and three children to enter into the heavenly gates. I was the third child and have no memory of my dad; I was only two and a half when he died. The few pictures I do have of us together are extremely important to me, and I cherish them deeply.

I only have one memory from that time. It was soon after my dad's passing. My sister and I were in my mom's room when Roxanne asked me if I wanted to see dad again? Yes! What two-year- old wouldn't want to see their father again?

So, she sat down next to me on the bed and explained that if I accepted Jesus into my heart, I would go to heaven and see my dad again. Then she asked if that was something I wanted to do.

Duh Yes!!

On that day, I bowed my head with my hands clasped together. I repeated the prayer my sister spoke. That was that I had accepted Jesus, and I would see my dad again!

This two-year-old’s heart thoughts were all about seeing my dad again and nothing to do with Jesus. Acts 1:24b says, “Lord, you know everyone’s heart.” I believe that it was God's way of snagging on to mine.

It would be over three decades before I would decide to open up my heart and have a relationship with Him as I followed His way.

Please join me here on Chosen Fearfully Wonderfully Made as I share parts of my journey and how God has chosen me.

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