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Chosen: To start anew

When God gave me the word anew, I thought He was telling me to write about starting over each day. And I still believe that is part of what He wants to share with you through me. But it’s more than that.

Because I wasn’t entirely sure what anew meant, I went to and looked it up. One definition said to start over and over. Well, that makes sense. It was the other definition that caught my eye. In a new form or manner, like when we become a child of the Living God, we are made anew.

When we choose to become followers of Jesus Christ, we choose to let our old self die and become a new creation in Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:17). Just because we become a new creation in Christ doesn’t mean the circumstances around us change. We have been hoodwinked into believing that when we accept Jesus into our lives, that poof, our life is now perfect, and nothing will go wrong. I am here as living proof that is not even close to being true. We will still have troubles (John 16:33); things are going to happen. We don’t get a carefree life.

While our circumstances may not change, for example, you still don’t have a job or the loss of a loved one. When we become a child of the Living God, our attitude and who we rely on should. It’s known that He loves us and is there for us and that He understands what we are going through.

It’s about starting each day anew, thanking God for what He has done, and praising Him for what He is about to do. ( 1 Thessalonians 5:18; Hebrews 13:15). He tells us to live each day and not to worry about tomorrow or anything else for that matter (Matthew 6:34).

When we start each day anew, we are reminded that God's mercies are new each day as well (Lamentations 3:22-23). We learn to rest in and on Him for all things.

So, in this time where nothing seems real, and everything seems to be falling apart, stop, take a breath, and remember you are a new creature in Christ, and your day is a new one as well. Praise His name and rest in what the Lord will do for you, with you, and most importantly to you.

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