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Chosen:Worth in Christ (Worthy because of Christ)


We all struggle with this word. What is my worth? Am I doing enough to be worthy of those around me? What about my job? If they started letting people go, would I and all I do be worthy enough to stay? These are things that have gone through my mind and probably yours too.

I want to look at worth differently. Let’s look at it through the eyes of Jesus Christ. Because through the eyes of God, we are all worth something significant. I was worth enough for God to send His only son to die for my sins (John 3:16).

I am worth more to Him than the ravens and the lilies of the fields. (Luke 12:24-28).

When we look at worth from the eyes of the one who made us, we see something very different than what the world sees. We are no longer worried about what others think or if I am doing enough to please them. It’s not about what I have accomplished or how much I have made.

It now becomes about who I am in Christ and what I am willing to do for Him because He has already told me I am worthy. Matthew (Matthew 6:26) No matter what I have done, if I believe that Christ died for my sin and accept Him to be part of my life, if I am willing to live for Christ no matter the cost or what people say, I am worthy to be called a child of the Living God.

And personally, that is all the worth I need.

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