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His Pain, My Gain

The thorns pushed deeply into His head. A crown-like no other and one I wouldn’t want. The blood flowed down His face falling into His eyes, so He could barely see. There were gashes covering His body from the lashes He received from a whip with metal fragments on the ends.

He was kicked, punched and spit upon. He endured mocking and having His clothes taken from Him. He was pushed by the guards as He had the burden of carrying a large cross through the town and up a hill to His death.

One disciple betrayed Him while the other eleven scattered and turned their backs on Him. No one came to His defense. As He slowly died on the cross, the crowds, which included the ones who had pushed for this, mocked Him and dared Him to save Himself, if He really is who He said He is.

He hung there nailed to a cross blood flowing from all areas of His naked body. He called out one last time asking His Father in heaven “Why have you forsaken me?”.

The sky went black, the veil in the temple was torn in two. Silence filled the earth as Jesus gave one last breath and spoke His final words “It is finished” and died.

He could have saved Himself. He could have avoided the pain and suffering. He could have revealed who He really was. Instead, He chose to obey His Heavenly Father and take the beating to endure the pain to save both you and me. He went down into the depths of Hell and conquered death itself. For that I am grateful.

For all I have gone through, am going to go through, and will go through, Jesus has been there and felt it all. He knows the sorrow and pain; He has felt the loneliness and disappointment. He has gone through loss and has shed tears as well.

For He has been through it all, He paid the ultimate price for you and me. For that I am thankful.

As we approach Good Friday (what a contradiction for what Jesus went through), and then Resurrection Sunday (otherwise known as Easter), let us reflect on what it really means, what really happened.

Because of His sacrifice, there is hope,

Because of His obedience, there is peace,

Because of His death, there is faith.

There is hope, peace, and faith knowing that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice.

His death made way for life eternal. Victory over death. For Jesus Christ is truly alive.

Though it may be different then years passed, let us not forget the importance of this week.

We are celebrating Victory over death.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for defeating death.

He has RISEN!

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