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Let’s get ready to rumble!

We had made it to third grade! The school placed him in a class that was taught by two teachers. This was such a blessing because they worked with KC and helped him through some of his issues as they arose. With two teachers in continual proximity to KC, they caught some of the anger before it exploded and worked with him by letting him go outside the room or taking him for a walk down the hall. The two main teachers were awesome with him and we seemed to be on a good road.

So why not add a sport that he might like? How about wrestling? He liked to wrestle with me, so why not? I should have known better than to introduce something new and on the aggressive side. I basically traded one problem for another. I know, once I figured out that it was going to be a hard season and KC made it clear that he didn’t like it and didn’t want to do it anymore, why didn’t I just let him quit?

I know that would have been the easy road to take. That would have made my life a whole lot easier. But what would that teach him? That it’s okay to quit when things are harder than you like or when you don’t like something. No, that’s not the lesson I wanted him to learn, no matter how hard it was on both of us.

Please note that we still didn’t know what caused his sudden outbursts of anger or why he took everything so personally. With wrestling, it brought a little bit more of that out, especially during practice when he was going against his teammate in matches. He really thought they were out to get him, and this made him more aggressive and not in a way that would help his wrestling. He would attack and hit the teammate. It became so bad that I had to be at every practice just in case, and I would try to explain to him that it wasn’t personal. They were just practicing, and this is how you practice in wrestling.

m that I was aware of and dealing with the situation. and there were whispers through the parents about my child and I needed to get a grip on him. I did have one mom that I came to know well who I spoke to about what I was going through and she did stand up for me and state to some of the other mom that I was aware and dealing with the situation.

Living in the world of special needs can be lonely especially when there is no one there with you. It is lonely for the child as well as the caregiver. The degree in which you deal with things, the frustrations that no one sees or understands were so difficult. The nights of crying and screaming, “If only”. Again, through this struggle I was crying out to God daily I wasn’t seeking Him, I was just trying to make it through. And we did, we made it through wrestling and third grade!

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