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No limits

I was discussing with a friend how I am dealing with my son’s anxiety and teaching him to pray and give it to God when the anxiety overtakes him. I also commented on how I am trying to keep him off anxiety medication.

Over these last few weeks, I have thought about what she said. Yes, God can overcome anxiety, but some types are due to a chemical imbalance, and you need medicine for those. I want to state that I didn’t disagree with what she said, and I believe that God can use medication, but I want to address something God whispered to me one day as I was driving.

He asked, “Am I only half able?”

That hit me hard because I believed what God was saying was to stop putting limits on Him. Either He is, or He is not. He can heal entirely or not at all. What powerful words; God can take the illness away. He can even take away the disorder. He is even capable of taking away the chemical imbalance.

The problem is that we have decided to put God in a box and tell Him what He can do. If it’s a spiritual issue, He can heal it, but if it’s medical/chemical, we have decided that we need to take medication because God isn’t able to, and we have come to the belief that the doctors know better than God does.

God has shown me how He uses His miraculous healing power in two different ways. The first way is with my son. He takes medication for an emotional disorder, and it has made a difference. But I didn’t just say let’s put him on meds. I did a lot of praying, asking God to heal our son. I listened to God to see what He was telling me. When I stated that I was thinking of medication, there was peace, and I took my son to a Christian psychologist to see if he agreed. We trusted God that this was the right choice for our son for this time. The second is through my husband, who has had a seizure disorder his entire life, stopped taking his medication because God said stop. That was a little over two years ago, and he has not had one seizure.

God is capable of anything (Luke 1:37, Jeremiah 32:17). He is all-powerful. There is nothing He can’t do. (Mark 10:27) The problem is that we, as believers, have stopped expecting miracles. We have stopped believing that God can heal us, so we don’t even ask (James 4: 2-3). Or, if we do ask for a miracle, we get frustrated when it doesn’t happen in our timing and the way we think it should. We forget that God isn’t on our time table the Word says that one day to us is like a thousand years to Him (2 Peter 3:8)

We need to step back and focus on who God is. He is the Great Physician (Isaiah 53:3). He is I am (Exodus 3:14). He heals the sick and lame. He is the one who cast out demons. He is the great I AM. And His timing and ways are better than ours will ever be. We need to stop doing what we think is best and what the doctors say we should do and start asking God what He wants us to do.

When all else fails, remember these words from a children’s song “ My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing my God can not do.”

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