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Not Today

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Have you seen the t-shirt that says “Not today, Satan”? It’s a great reminder not to let Satan win but to stand tall in our faith. The problem is that it is hard to stand tall in our faith in Jesus Christ when we are always telling Him, “Not today, God.”

When we choose to sleep in instead of getting up to make time to read the Bible and pray, we are saying, “Not today.” When we see someone crying and ignore them, instead of going over to comfort them, we are saying, “Not today.” When the Holy Spirit pokes us and says, go pray for this person, our response is “That’s not my gift,” or “I need to get going. I don’t have time.” or “What would they or others think?” “This is too uncomfortable.” we are saying, “Not today.”

It’s interesting how we expect God to be there for us and help us through our day, to heal our loved ones and us, yet we aren’t willing to “unbusy” our lives for God and say yes to what He has asked of us.

Suppose we were open and willing to do what God asked of us, like Noah, who built a large boat on dry land with no water close by (Genesis 5:29-6:22). How about Abraham, who went up the mountain willing to sacrifice his son (Genesis 22:1-3)? Also, Simon and Peter left their fishing business and father to follow Jesus (Matthew 4:18-20) and Matthew who got up from collecting taxes to follow Jesus when He said “Follow me.” (Matthew 9:9). What would happen if we were willing to say yes like they did? It could be as simple as helping our neighbors, sharing our testimony, or praying for our country. It can also be more challenging, like praying for a perfect stranger in a store, going to another country, or giving away our money or an item that someone else might need more than we do. If we were obedient by saying yes to what God has called us to do, no matter how uncomfortable it might make us or how crazy it sounds, or even how busy our life is, what would happen? How would it change us? How would it change the way we think and others think of our Lord and us?

Each time we say yes to God, we honor God by being obedient to what He has asked of us (John 12:26). When we are obedient and do for others, we are also doing it as unto God (Matthew 25:35-37). When we are willing to say yes, it changes lives and hearts. It can even grow the Kingdom bigger.

What is God asking you to say “Yes, Lord” to today?

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