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Just breathe

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Just breathe, I say this to my 13 year old son all the time. What does that mean you might wonder. Well for him it's a reminder to calm his body when he gets mad or frustrated. Which for him is several times a day. Anger and frustration is something that we as a family has been dealing with since he was young. Helping him find ways to cope and to understand, how to deal with it, is an on going adventure.

Living with a child who has a disorder that is not common or recognized by many is extremely difficult, but not impossible. The following is what Just breath means to me and my family.

Just breathe - Stop

Just breathe - calm your body

Just breathe - deep breath in

Just breathe - think of what you are about to do

Just breathe - breath

Just breathe - relax

Just breathe - pray

As you can see, when I say just breath to my son, I am saying more then just to take in the air around you. I am reminding him of what he needs to do to keep himself from doing something that he will regret because he let his anger (this frustrating disorder) take the best of him. I know that with the reminder to just breath daily he is learning how to take control of this beast and slowing destroy it.

****Please note that this is just one of the many things we are doing to take control and destroy this ugly disorder and I will be writing about the others as well as how our strong faith in Christ has and will continue to help us through. ******

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