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Special needs Special dreams

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Special needs: I am a wife with a husband with special needs and a son as well.

Special dreams: Looking at the life of these two and seeing my dreams for them come to life to take in the awe and wonder that is happening. My dream isn't that they do their best with the handicap they have been given. "to rise to their best self." No, it's bigger, and I see little glimpses of my dream coming true each moment of each day. Each day, I have seen little miracles that are leading to the biggest miracle of all, total healing!

Through this blog I will share my families story, and the miracles that are happening, in the lives of my husband and son. I will also share the ups and down from both the present and past.

Most importantly I will share the huge roll my faith has played in this. I will not just tell you about the times that things happen smoothly and God brought us though, but also when I didn't see His hand and how I dealt with it and what I realized from it. I will share what I have learned from each aspect that I have gone through. Some of these things are directly due to the special needs and others indirectly. And some are just day to day struggles.

I am a miracle believing disciple of the Lord Jesus and my prayer is that this blog will not only help those who have similar struggles as I do, but also to give testimony of how God has gotten me through.

In my next post I will introduce my husband and son and the special needs they have.

***Please note that I have asked my husband's permission to share and he has given me the green light to share his part of this story.***

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