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Have you ever been talking to a friend, and they are relaying something happening in their family, and you can relate a little too well? That happened to me the other day. I was talking with my friend, who was explaining a situation that was going on, and I heard God say, "You've been there, still are some days."

Wow, talk about an eye-opener. In this case, I have spent much of my younger years comparing my life to my sister's. She is more intelligent than I am. It seemed almost everyone liked her. She had a good relationship with our mom. Oh yeah, and the big one that just drove me crazy, it seemed that everything came easy to her. She didn't have to struggle for anything. She didn't go through the hurt that I did.

The truth is that only some of that is true. My sister didn't go through as much pain and hurt because she wasn't as stubborn and pig-headed and had to do it her way, like me. She had good relationships because she was picky about her friendships. I wanted to be liked and loved, which caused a lot of my hurt. She had a good relationship with our mom, and well, let's say

because of my stubborn nature, my relationship with my mother wasn't so great. I admired my sister; I wanted to BE my sister.

As I got

older, I got wiser. I started to compare myself to my friends and co-workers instead of my sister. Yep, so more brilliant! The funny thing is that nothing changed except my bitterness, hurt, and anger.

It may have taken me thirty-plus years, but I have come to some conclusions. Are you ready?

I am not my sister. God didn't make me to be my sister. He made me to be me. He didn't make me like my friends or co-workers either. He made me in His image (Gen 1:25-27), not in my sister's or anyone else's image. We all have our struggles. Even Jesus went through them.

My sister and I were made for a purpose,( but we don't have the same purpose. God wouldn't use me for His purpose if I didn't go through some of the things I did, and the same with my sister or anyone else. Because of some of the things God allowed me to go through, I can relate to people in a way my sister can't.

My sister and I are different and have gone through very different things; therefore, God has molded u

s through those things so that we can glorify(1 Peter 1:7) Him and be a witness to others for Him in different places with different types of people.

I have had to come to terms with the fact that my sister isn't perfect, and neither is her life. We are two very distinct people. God gave us two very different personalities, and we chose two different mountains to climb. My sister figured out at a young age that the best way to do life was with Jesus Christ. So there are many times on her mountain that seem to have trails and direction markers. Because of things I had gone through at a young age, I had hurt and anger toward God. So I chose to be stubborn and self-reliant, not listening to anyone, including God.

Think of it this way, my sister on her mountain let God lead, so even when there was thick brush and debris, God went before her and made a path. I, from my mountain, chose not to let God go before me and therefore pushed my way through the brush and debris and got caught up in it and scarred from it. So when I looked at my sister, who didn't seem to be beaten up, I compared our different paths in the same way.

When I stopped comparing and started listening, I learned that my sister and I are children of the livi

ng God. He made us to live for Him. Yet He created us for two very different purposes, two different paths. It is wrong of me to compare myself with anyone. We are all different and walking different paths.

We must understand that we get in trouble when comparing ourselves to our siblings, friends, family members, and even co-workers. Instead of comparing our lives, we should encourage and celebrate the things happening in their lives.

Stop pouting and stomping your feet because you perceive their mountain is "easier." Trust me, it's not. It's just different; maybe they

have The Guide with them and in front of them.

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