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The Beginning (of my story)

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Kev and I met at the church we were both attending almost 19 years ago. I learned though out our first year of friendship / dating that he was born with water on the brain (not the medical term- the easy term). He had been hit by a car the year before, walked with a limp and had a seizure disorder. I learned through time spent with his mom that Kev didn't walk until he was almost two and that talking was delayed as well. At a young age he had several surgeries to put in a shunt (this was so the fluid could come off his brain).

His mom made sure I knew all about the medications he took and the signs to look for if a seizure was coming on as well as the different doctors he went to and which one did what. I knew exactly what I was marrying into and was up for taking this situation on. I loved this man and was willing to do what it took to help him through the ups and downs. Besides Kev hadn't had a seizure in 16 plus years so I wasn't worried at all!

Four years passed and we were blessed with a little bundle of joy! KC was born and immediately whisked away. One of the doctors came in and told us there was a problem with his head. He had a backwards cone, meaning his forehead was cone shaped. We found out that he has craniosynostosis and would need surgery.

After experiencing a concussion at four years old we began a journey of difficult discoveries over the next several years. (More details on each of these to come later) A few of the things my child was diagnosed with were Depression, ADHD, Explosive Disorder, Anxiety and Sensory Disorder. Yep, talk about wanting to cry!

I know that this post is discouraging but I feel it's very important for you all to understand the different disabilities that were going on in my home so you can understand the gifts that God has blessed us with through these difficult times.

Also. for those going through similar things, please know you are not alone even when it feels like it.

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