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Why hasn't it happened yet?

The Lord has told me that, He is going to heal KC and Kev, as well as directing me in certain things and shown me the blessing that are to come with following His direction. I believe each promise that He has told me, even if they haven't come to pass yet. I know that it will because God can't lie (Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18; Numbers 23:19)

So when we take that God can only tell the truth, the issue becomes me. I want what He has promised me, the moment He has promised it. What I have learned, very slowly I might add, God doesn't work on my time table.

The promises that God has told me about are in His time and not mine, this isn't easy to understand especially when I see the frustration in my son when his disability gets the best of him. And he doesn't understand why God hasn't finished healing him. Doesn't He hear the frustration in KC's voice? The words that come out stating that he is dumb and a nobody trash.

It tears at my heart, I won't lie. Though I have learned that God has a reason for everything and His timing is perfect. Even when we don't understand exactly why.

Look at Abram, God made a promised Abram that He would make him the father of many nations and that Abram's descendants were going to be as many as the dust of the earth to many to count (Genies 13:14-17).

The problem lie in the fact that Abram's wife Sari was unable to have children,yet here is God telling him that he is going to have many descendants. I know that if that was me I would have been like what? But Abram excepted the promise and God gave him a son Isaac. It took 25 years for that promise to happen.

Like us Abram try to take matters into his own hands and has a child with one of Sari's maid servants, which only caused problems (Genesis 16:2-6)

Wow Abram was just like me (and probably you too) taking the promise into his own hands to get the same results of the Promise that God gave. This doesn't work and only caused more problems and sometimes can even delay the promise.

I don't understand God's timing, I do know His timing is perfect and He has our best interest in mind. To which the glory will go to Him.

So in the meantime as I wait for my awesome God to heal my family I will trust Him and thank Him for the promises that have already come to pass.

The how and when of my son and husband's healing isn't up to me and all I have been asked to do is wait on Him in great anticipation for each miracle and promise, giving all the glory to the Lord.

It's amazing what you learn while you wait. Isaiah 40:31

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