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I am Chosen fearfully wonderfully made. I am blessed to be called a child of the Living God.      

     I have been married for 20 plus years to my wonderful husband, and we have a teenage son. 

I love to share my faith with others through words both spoken and on a page. I have also started to paint some of it as well.

     I am blessed to have known challenges and, through them, have learned to rest in the Lord. I also know what it's like to yell and scream at God for my own choices and feel the presence of His grace and forgiveness.

     I love sharing with young adults to help them in their walk and strengthen them in Christ.

Robyn .E. Schwob

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May 13th

Birth name: 
Robyn E Swain
sorry the E is staying a mystery)

Birth place: 
New Hampsire

Where did you meet your husband:

Any pets:
A dog and a cat

Favorite color: 

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