Speaking engaements

Mission: To encourage women of all ages in their walk with Jesus Christ

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I believe in the importance of encouragement in Christ. In all ages and stages of life, whether you  young or  mature. Single or married, with or without kids. No matter where you are in your journey, we can all use some encouragement. 

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Christ focus speaking topics

  • The joys of being a mom

  • Where is your focus?

  • Chosen in Christ

  • Learning to walk closer to Jesus

  • Words of encouragement

  • The gift of a special needs child

  • Living for Christ

  • No more excuses

  • Words of encouragement

  • The gift of being you

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Please feel free to cotact me for more information about speaking engagments

Email: RESchwob@chosenfearfullywonderfullymade.com

Cell: 678-698-9261

Facebook: Robyn Swain Schwob