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Here we go again (more of my story)

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Two months after Kev got out of the hospital we were back! This time it was for KC at the Children's Hospital. KC was having surgery on his skull. They were going in to fix the Craniosynostosis by literally breaking his skull, and putting in spacers.

Here I was, a new mom, handing my baby boy over to a doctor to do a major surgery. Yes, I was scared. In fact I was terrified and almost in tears.

The day of the surgery I was standing over my little bundle of joy in the pre-operation room. It was me, my husband, his mother and mine. I reached out and took his little hand as he lay on the gurney, with no concern or understanding of what was about to happen. I on the other hand had been told exactly what they were about to do.

As I stood there I knew I was blessed to have these two women with me as I went through this. My mom was logical, looked at things in a way that only made sense and trusted God for the outcome. My mom in law had been through this same thing with my husband and had understanding of what I was going through. Her hand on my back reassuring me I and the little was were going to make it though.

One of the pastors and good friends with my husband came in and prayed with us and over Kenny before the doctor came in. He explained the procedure one last time and asked if we had any questions. Then off he took my little boy!

It was the longest three hours of my life! When the doctor did come out his words were "boring it was a very boring surgery." In other words all went well. I was able to go back into recovery with KC while they prepared to send him up to the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit).

My family made sure we had dinner as they sat in the waiting area of the PICU (only parents were allowed back there). Then they went home, leaving myself and Kev with our little boy. We spent the night in the PICU. It was one of the worst nights of sleep I ever got. Every time I started to fall asleep KC would move and set of the alarm and you guess it I was up by his side freaking out. The nurse would reassure me it was nothing fix the problem and head back out.

By the next day KC was well enough to move to a regular room. Kev stayed one more day full time and then went back home. I had friends and family coming up throughout the visit as well as calls from those in other states to check on KC. My family made sure I got the breaks I needed and even made me go down to the cafe to get out of the room.

KC had a pretty quick recovery and the doctor was very pleased and announced that we would be able to go home soon. This was great news!

It was the day before we were to go home and KC still had the draining tube in his head. I was in the room by myself, when this little one reached up and grabbed that tube with his tiny hand and pulled it out with one yank! I started to panic! I opened the door to see if there was a nurse in sight, nope! Keeping the door open I tried to find the call button just then the doctor came by. I explained what happened. He looked at KC and the tube and then up at me and in the calmest voice said "It had to come out at some point," gave a smile as he left the room. OK I can breath now.

The next day we gathered up all of our things and headed for home. With hope that this surgery fixed KC's skull and there would be no more issues. (little did we know what was to come down the road.)

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